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Fertilization & Weed Control

A well-balanced lawn fertilization and weed control program is the key to achieving a thriving lawn, but knowing the steps to take and what products to use is beyond the ability of most homeowners. Lawns in this part of the South are assaulted daily by an army of various pests and with relentless heat in the summertime and mild winters, lawns don't get much of a break.

The experienced professionals at Turf Pride Lawn Care eliminate the guesswork from cultivating a healthy lawn and the end result is sure to get noticed. Turf Pride Lawn Care understands that keeping a lawn healthy and beautiful requires year-round attention, so we’ve developed a lawn health program based on consistent applications of fertilizer and weed control products.

Turf Pride uses five applications throughout the year to provide the proper balance of nutrients for a healthy lawn. Included in the applications are pre- and post-emergent herbicides to keep your lawn weed free throughout the entire year. Turf Pride stands behind our program and will re-treat if any pesky weeds do germinate in your lawn.

Our trained technicians know that not every lawn in the CSRA is not the same and individual needs are different, so we tailor our lawn care services to fit your preferences and budget. Below are the steps we take to make your lawn flourish:

Application Schedule

  1. Pre-and post-emergent herbicide with fertilizer that promotes root growth 

  2. Pre-and post-emergent herbicide with fertilizer for spring green-up and improve heat and drought hardiness 

  3. A well-balanced granular fertilizer for lush green lawn through the summer months 

  4. Post-emergent herbicide with fertilizer to bring more color and improve turf density

  5. Pre-and post-emergent herbicide with fertilizer for shoot growth and density 

  6. Pre-and post-emergent herbicide with fertilizer for root growth

Please remember we can only control those weeds showing at the time of application. Turf Pride Lawn Care also recommends grub control and/or surface insect control on all lawns. These pests can cause extensive damage and can totally wreck a lawn under drought conditions.

Call us today to find the right service for you! (706) 755-2935

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