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Fire Ant Prevention

Turf Pride Lawn Care of Georgia and South Carolina provide fire ant prevention augusta ga evans ga martinez ga north augusta sc appling ga

One of the most-feared pests in Georgia is the fire ant. In recent years fire ants have become the No. 1 pest in the South. They are persistent, aggressive and resilient ... and their painful bites can also be deadly.

While the service we provide as part of our regular bi-monthly or quarterly service treats and helps control fire ants, we offer a more extensive, guaranteed service for those customers who want to completely eliminate fire ants in their yards. This service involves the application of stronger, more powerful products specifically designed to target fire ants and guarantee against their return.

We use professional strength TopChoice insecticide to control fire ants for up to a full year with a single application. This product controls existing colonies as well as prevents new infestations. And it’s formulated specifically for broadcast application by lawn care professionals.

TopChoice also controls secondary pests. Besides providing effective control of fire ants for one year, TopChoice also controls mole crickets for four months, nuisance ants for three months and fleas and ticks for one month. TopChoice has a high safety profile. It is selectively toxic to insects, and optimum control is achieved with extremely low dose rates. Because of its selective effects, there are no concerns about family or pets when TopChoice is applied by a professional. 

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