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Turf Pride Lawn Care of South Carolina and Georgia helps to prevent fire ants and mosquitos

Insect Control

A lush green yard provides an inviting  place for your family to play, relax and gather together. With regular watering, feeding and mowing, your grass should grow strong and be trouble free. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. When lawns become stressed by drought, lawn scalping or generally poor growing conditions, pests zero in on the weakened blades and your beautiful lawn can die in a matter of days. Turf Pride Lawn Care can identify which pest is attacking your lawn and treat it appropriately.

No matter where you live, insects constantly munch, chew and feast on your lawn. Pests vary by region, and what plagues lawns in Augusta may not cause trouble in New York. That's just one good reason you shouldn't buy off the shelf pesticides and try to solve your pest problem yourself. The experts at Turf Pride Lawn Care have a thorough knowledge of the science of lawn pests and the solutions used to get rid of them. 

Also included in the personalized lawn care services provided by Turf Pride Lawn Care are:

Turf Pride Lawn Care of Augusta provides mosquito control
Turf Pride Lawn Care of Augusta provides fire ant control
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