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Turf Pride Lawn Care of Georgia and South Carolina provides mosquito control augusta ga evans ga martinez ga north augusta sc appling ga

Mosquito Control

Hot weather and lots of rain create perfect conditions for mosquitoes in Georgia and South Carolina and these pesky bugs are more than an itchy annoyance ... they also carry and transmit a variety of diseases.

These prolific breeders lay eggs in standing water or in grasses and weeds. Within five generations, mosquitoes can produce 20 million offspring, and they can fly up to 10 miles to breed. When our area gets large amounts of rain or there are places where there is frequent standing water, homeowners can expect mosquitoes to be close by.

No matter where you live, chances are there's a local mosquito control program trying to reduce the spread of disease and improve quality of life by targeting the insects. But municipal programs are limited by funding and the sheer size of the area to be treated. Turf Pride of Augusta can't help solve that problem.

Mosquito Fogging

Our application of mico-encapsulated products, creating barriers and eliminating resting zones in your yard is one of the more effective and longer lasting methods of mosquito reduction. It readily lends itself to large areas and small backyards. Years ago it was discovered that by applying a perimeter strip of barrier protection, mosquitoes (while capable of flying over the barrier strip) resisted the treated area within the area.

A mosquito mister is used around areas where mosquitoes rest during the day. These are shady, vegetative areas such as bushes, plants and thick ground cover. We can treat these areas monthly with our special products and drastically minimize the mosquito population for you. High grass in alleyways and nearby unmaintained areas create zones that mosquitoes will use as “staging areas” from which they will plan their missions. Minimizing these raw areas will increase the success rate of any mosquito control program.

Special Events

When quick knock down for short time periods is needed, such as before parties, weddings, picnics or other special occasions, we can treat the area with a powered fogging unit. The discharged low impact aerosol will float into almost any nook and cranny, cleaning out most adult mosquitoes. However, once the aerosol has floated through the area, there is limited residual control. This treatment can be effective for hours to a few days - depending on several factors, including climactic conditions and other parameters, which may not be able to be directly controlled by the applicator. It can get you through social events unscathed. 

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